Smart waiting lines

                Optimize the waiting step for your clients. Monitor, restrict the entry and notify the visitors of your venue through their own smartphone


A revolutionary tool to provide organizations with an easy way to systematically organize the waiting lines of their real-life visitors


The regular way

Physical waiting lines

When space is scarce, waiting lines form to enter a venue. Those create an unpleasant (and potentially unhealthy) experience for the visitor, may discourage them from entering and create an unappealing visual for the venue.  

Broad notifications

Handling a regular waiting line requires a system to communicate with visitors, be it manually or through a public display. Both solutions involve degrading the quality of the communication with the visitor as they require them to pay attention to messages that are mostly of no interest to them (until it's their actual turn that the communication is about).  


Be it between visitors or towards the organization's representatives, conflicts cannot be objectively resolved as there is no record of activities. 

The Linegenix way

Virtual turns

Instead of standing in line, visitors are offered a turn in a virtual line, which will inform them when it is their turn to enter, thus allowing them to wait wherever they wish.     

Focused communication

Only and all relevant messages are transmitted to the visitors on their own smartphone. Visitors value them because they know they are applicable to their situation. 

Systematic monitoring

Through its centralized storage of activities and automated management  thereof, Linegenix avoids conflicts and provides accurate history and measurements of the venue's flow.